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Insperity is designed with the purpose of handling the non-income generating aspects of running operations for companies as a total planning resource.  A single source aggregator we handle the administration of benefits, payroll, state and federal employment compliance, worker’s compensation and act as the fiduciary for employment state by state.  Established in 1987 in response to the burdens placed on employers by an increasing complex legal and regulatory environment, Insperity (NYSE: NSP) has grown in every effort to stay ahead of our client’s needs with our long-term strategy to provide the best businesses the opportunity to participate in our unique human resource service platforms, leveraging buying power and expertise to improve overall profitability.

Some areas of expertise from my attached brochure:

  • Workforce Optimization (Employment Services, employment liability, payroll and Benefits) – PEO Services
  • Paperless Employment – Insperity’s Industry leading Co-Branded HRIS Web Portal – orientation through termination and all record keeping
  • High Touch Service Delivery – A Dedicated Service Team to proactively deliver services on site to keep focus
  • Long term Stable Benefit Plan Design and Pricing  –  Controlling one of the largest items on the balance sheet
  • Recruiting Services – Growth Strategies
  • Employment Screening – Best Hiring Practices to limit turnover
  • Performance Management – Turnover control and employee growth
  • Organizational Planning  –  Corporate infrastructure building and Human Capital Management
  • Financial Services
    • Expense Management – Better Cost Controls
    • Growthforce  –  QuickBooks Accounting services
    • Retirement Planning – Fortune 100 services with no Fiduciary Risk or costs

Insperity’s unique ability to leverage our size, people and expertise to control infrastructure and allocate operational cost more effectively translates to the highest client annual retention in the industry.  With growing employer liability issues today such as Healthcare Reform (ACA) and State Employment Compliance, preferred employers are coming to Insperity for our infrastructure and stay for the commodity savings.