Prince Constantijn: The Netherlands must become the #1 Startup country

The Netherlands must become the #1 Startup country in Europe. This is the ambition of Prince Constantijn and the Dutch initiative StartupDelta. The Prince is suggesting 11 factors that can improve the startup climate in the Netherlands:

1. Making venture capital more attractive
Venture capital must be tax deductible, so it will be more attractive for friends, family, and “fools” to invest in a startup.

2. Shares as a loan
To attract talented personnel, it must become easier for startups to offer shares on loan, and the tax must able to be deferred.

3. Attracting foreign venture capitalists 
Startups at this point still look outside the Netherlands for the large investment rounds. Foreign vc’s must therefore come to the Netherlands, so that younger companies can grow further here.

4. Trade missions to international startup events.
The Netherlands must organize startup missions to events like the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas and Slush in Helsinki, so startups can put themselves in the spotlight with potential clients and investors.

5. Ease regulation for new technologies 
There has to be some sort of bill introduced for social innovation and new technologies, so it can be possible to test some of this new tech with less risk and obstructing regulation.

6. Government as launching customer
The government must set the example by being the launching customer for startups. That means no unnecessary barriers for startup procurements, and a startup-officer in every district.

7. Entrepreneurship and coding in education
To combat the growing shortage of tech and ict talent, there has to be more attention paid to coding, tech and entrepreneurship in education.

8. Easier Visa procurement for foreign talent
Foreign workers must have an easier time coming to work here in the Netherlands. That’s why the salary requirement for migrant schemes must come down and foreign students must be able to stay more easily and work.

9. Flexible employment market
To able to shift gears quickly as a startup, the hurdles to hiring personnel must be low. That’s why hiring people must become less risky and the companies hiring must be given more incentives.

10. More sharing of research
Universities and trade schools must be encouraged and rewarded for sharing their research with startups, so that they can take that knowledge to market.

11. LLC without a Notary
It must be possible to start or make changes to a company online without having to go through a notary.


Article from ICT&health

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