Expanding our way to a city near you

Always having access to a workspace, a meeting room, or just a familiar place that is instantly recognizable is a definite plus if you travel a lot for work. It improves coverage, availability of your product, and not to mention peace of mind. Spaces strives to offer such access, so you can work from anyplace at anytime.

Originating in Amsterdam, Spaces offers lease offices, co-working spaces, or a flexible place in their business lounge. Whatever suits the need. The goal is to create a workspace that doesn’t just serve as an office. It needs to spark creativity, innovation, and be inspirational at the same time. This is why every location, while maintaining its own style, is instantly recognizable as a Spaces location. The intricate designs are all carefully thought of, designed, and placed before the location actually opens. This ensures that each location has a certain personality, so you immediately feel right at home. It is not just defined by visual appearances, however. A high level of service is maintained to ensure optimal working circumstances. Each location comes equipped with a barista operated coffee lounge, a restaurant, high-speed Internet access throughout, and office customization options.

Just like any business, Spaces strives to expand. Not just for the sake of expanding, but for the sake of providing wide coverage to its members and tenants. Accessibility and availability are key components for running a successful business, but achieving nationwide coverage might prove difficult when operating in a larger country. Having the opportunity to work in California one week, New York the next, and Houston after that, provides a healthy setting for a business that wants to grow. Having understood this added value, a Spaces membership provides access to every location, from East to West, and North to South.

To offer truly nationwide coverage, Spaces is always looking to open up new locations to create new business opportunities for its members and tenants. Currently, thirteen locations across the US are up and running, and the number continues to grow. The upcoming US-locations include locations in Florida, North Carolina and Virginia. Even more locations are expected to open up, and they’re not planning on stopping anytime soon.

Spaces members will be able to work and grow their business in these locations:

  • Silicon Valley, Menlo Park, CA
  • Los Angeles, Santa Monica, CA
  • Los Angeles, Fairfax, CA
  • San Francisco, Mission and 3rd, CA
  • San Jose, Santana Row, CA
  • San Diego, CA Coming August 2017
  • Denver, Ballpark, CO
  • Washington DC, NoMa, DCMiami, FL Coming February 2018
  • Atlanta, Midtown East, GA
  • Atlanta, The Battery, GA
  • Boston, Newbury Street, MA
  • Raleigh, The Dillon, NC Coming June 2018
  • New York, Long Island City, NY
  • Pittsburgh, Bakery Square, PA
  • Philadelphia, PA Coming February 2018
  • Dallas, McKinney Avenue, TX
  • Arlington, The Artisphere, VA Coming October 2017