bunq, the fastest way for expats to get Dutch bank accounts

Are you on your way to The Netherlands? One of the first things you’ll need is a Dutch bank account!

With bunq you can open your very own Dutch bank account before you even step on the plane: all you need is your phone!

Forget about visiting boring corporate bank branches where they make you fill out all sorts of paperwork. We are fully mobile and you can set up everything through our app. If you do feel like speaking to a real human being, our English support crew is ready to help you in whatever way you need!

With bunq you can enjoy real-time payments, live overviews of transactions & direct push notifications every time you make a purchase or receive a payment. You can open several accounts to share with family or friends, use them for easy budgeting and order Maestro cards and Mastercards to go along with them.

We have a full European banking license, which means that up to € 100.000 per person is protected under the Deposit Guarantee Scheme. Your money is safe with us!

Visit our website to learn more about the best that modern banking has to offer: www.bunq.com.


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