We at the Chamber of Commerce provide you the opportunity to gain even more exposure within our strong Dutch-American business network. Our readers receive valuable and reliable content, that is particularly useful in a business environment where everybody is looking to further expand their business. Through three news outlets, the Chamber gives you the ideal channels to effectively reach your audience and gain insight into your business.


netherlands.org is where transatlantic business starts and where all our followers gather.

netherlands.org is our main information outlet that is accessible by everybody. With multiple advertisement opportunities available on our website it can offer you the ideal exposure. Your company can easily be found and will be associated with some of the best businesses out there. The website features a live ‘news wall’ for up-to-date news, and is also a landing page for people that want insight in doing business in the US or the Netherlands. To find out the rates for your 3-,6-, or 12-month advertorial program, check out the pricelist below.
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The Netherlands Chamber monthly journal is a newsletter for all our registered members

Our newsletter is distributed to all our subscription members. This means all the people that have a mutual interest in business in the US or the Netherlands are reached. If you’re a corporate member, you also receive discounts on advertising and other perks. The newsletter features relevant news updates with regards to U.S.-Netherlands relations and the business world in general. The rates can be found in our pricelist below.
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The Netherlands American Journal is our bi-annual e-magazine that is specifically designed to support the US and Dutch transatlantic business environment.

Entrepreneurship, the US-market, relevant trends, business opportunities, and cultural happenings are just some of the subjects in our bi-annual magazine. The Chamber has access to fantastic contributors writing about the latest business trends and topics; worth the time of even the most seasoned entrepreneurs. Exposure in our magazine will instantly place your company on the radar of active, transatlantic companies. The Chamber is very proud to offer you this opportunity for exposure and growth. There are multiple ad-options, you can find the rates in the price list below.
Advertising Opportunities 2016