Welcome to The Netherlands Chamber

Founded in 1903, we are the oldest national Chamber of Commerce in New York City. The Chamber was built on the idea that success is established by bringing people together – and it still is.

As the national Netherlands Chamber of Commerce in the United States, we are an organization by and for business. Businesses seeking to further their collective interests, while advancing their community, state or nation. Members of our chamber participate in local networks to advocate on behalf of the community at large, and to further economic prosperity and business interests.

Our mission focuses on the following primary goals:

  • Building communities that attract entrepreneurs & investors
  • Promoting those communities
  • Striving to ensure future prosperity via a pro-business climate
  • Reducing transactional friction through well-functioning networks

Dutch and American businesses are voluntary paying members of the chamber. In the majority of countries, the term “chamber of commerce” is regulated by statute, though this is not the case in the U.S. Only trademark, copyright and domain name rules protect a chamber’s identity – only state corporation law defines their existence and reason for being. While most chambers, including us, work closely with the government, we are not a government entity.


A bit of history:

At the Manhattan Hotel, under the presidency of Her Majesty’s Minister at Washington DC, an initiative was taken to bring several Dutch initiatives in NYC together by the creation of the Netherland Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber would provide support for commercial relations between the United States and the Netherlands. A committee was appointed, followed by deliberations which resulted in the incorporation on May the 28th, 1903 of “The Netherland Chamber of Commerce in America” with offices at 68 Broad Street.