Founded in 1903, we are the oldest national Chamber of Commerce in New York City. The Chamber was built on the idea that success is established by bringing people together – and it still is.

As the national Netherlands Chamber of Commerce in the United States, we are an organization by and for business. Businesses seeking to further their collective interests, while advancing their community, state or nation. Members of our chamber participate in local networks to advocate on behalf of the community at large, and to further economic prosperity and business interests.
Our mission focuses on the following primary goals:

Building communities that attract entrepreneurs & investors
– Promoting those communities
– Striving to ensure future prosperity via a pro-business climate
– Reducing transactional friction through well-functioning net works

Dutch and American businesses are voluntary paying members of the chamber. In the majority of countries, the term “chamber of commerce” is regulated by statute, though this is not the case in the U.S. Only trademark, copyright and domain name rules protect a chamber’s identity – only state corporation law defines their existence and reason for being. While most chambers, including us, work closely with the government, we are not a government entity.


The Dutch Award for Achievement in Memory of Kersen J. De Jong was foundedkersen to underscore Mr. De Jong’s extraordinary contribution to society and the Chamber’s commitment to the cultivation of excellence in areas it perceives as essential to the thriving of the business community in the United States and the Netherlands: success, innovation and ethics.

The Dutch Business Award for Achievement in Memory of Kersen J. De Jong

dutchawardThe Dutch Business Award for Achievement is awarded
each year to the outstanding company that best demonstrates exceptional financial returns, strong growth and innovation strategies, and market leadership in its sector/niche and seeks market entry in the United States. Judges will look for evidence of inventiveness, ethical credentials, good stakeholder relationships and long term planning balanced by the flexibility to deliver consistent results in dynamic market conditions.

Reasons to enter:

– Show pride in your achievements and boost the morale of your stakeholders and employees
– Showcase your exceptional business in new geographies
– Benefit from extensive media and industry coverage for your company

The Dutch Student Grant of Excellence in Memory of Kersen J. De Jong

The Dutch Student Grant of Excellence is awarded each year to a graduate student for outstanding performance and entrepreneurship. The grant will assist the student to apply for a J-1 Visa to obtain an internship in the United States.

Reasons to enter:

– Hone your skills and strengthen your English language abilities
– Connect with Americans, and learn more about the United States

Mr. Kersen J. De Jong
Mr. Kersen J. De Jong became the Managing Director of The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce in the United States in the early seventies and expanded offices around the US. He was a consummate networker who helped a variety of Dutch companies venture into the US markets. He hired many Dutch interns which was the start of a long track record of helping and mentoring young people.

At age 26, Kersen lost both legs in an accident on Fifth Avenue in New York City. With his tremendous determination, he was quickly walking again on prosthetic legs just 8 weeks after the accident. He has done so for over 39 years. Kersen J. De Jong passed away February 17, 2016 while vacationing in Hawaii.

Mr. De Jong will be remembered for his remarkable tenacity, energy, passion for living and most of all his business acumen. He was a strong soul who believed he could make the world around him a better place and took it upon himself to do so with a lasting impact on the communities he served.


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