Welcome to The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce in the United States, Inc.

What we do

Welcome to The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce in the United States, Inc.

Est. 1903, Re-established 2014

What we do

What we do

The Chamber provides business incubator services to Dutch Companies entering the US market and to US Companies entering the European Market.


Our goal is to support the successful development of entrepreneurial companies into new markets with an array of business support resources, services and funding. Support by an experienced entrepreneurial and public network of contacts will increase the likelihood that the company will stay in business for the long term, independently.


Robert F. Brands"I am thrilled The Netherlands Chamber is continuing its tradition of helping businesses expand with new and updated trade contributions for years to come"

 Robert F. Brands, Director of the Board

Arthur van der Wees"With the comprehensive, in-depth practical knowledge and best practices made available by the Netherlands Chamber, we were able to swiftly and cost-efficiently set up our business for the US market"

Zapplied’s CEO, Arthur van der Wees

The Chamber ServicesKnowledge, Experience and Network to succeed

Entrepreneurs understand each other, they recognize opportunity, they execute on strategy.  No bureaucracy.

Time efficient, cost effective, result driven - it's who we are, it's how we work.

Our partnersWhat do you know best? Your business!

Our partners are selected because of their experience and proven track record. They will become your partners to guide you by advising on what they do best, thus allowing you to focus on growing your business successfully. After all, synergies drive business!


The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce in the United States was founded in New York in 1903 by Cornelius Vanderbilt and Col. John Jacob Astor. During its illustrious history the Netherlands Chamber ceased operations several times, and for the last time in 2007. During the past 7 years of review and consideration it was determined that the United States remains the most important overseas market for Dutch companies with more than $33 billion in exports; reason why the Chamber is re-established in May 2014, and we're here to stay and help you build and grow a successful business overseas.

Our Mission:

To aggressively grow the number of successful Dutch companies entering the US market, and similar for US companies expanding their markets in the Netherlands.

Our Vision:

To become leading provider of business incubator services that enables businesses to enter the US or NL market and expand and accelerate their 'local' footprint,

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